Saturday, March 1, 2008

Contemplating a move...Wordpress to BlogSpot

Over the past few weeks, I've been contemplating my online workstyle while dealing with a my webhost which has been less than ideal lately, in addition to dealing with Wordpress problems that I can't seem to find a good solution for (not the formatting of the articles being all screwed up). Some say, it's the theme, some say it's the browser, I spent countless hours trying to fix it, then last night, it dawned on me...
I have been an avid fan of gmail since its inception, I use everything google as it is, so I re-checked blogspot, after abandoning it about a year ago, and i was pleasantly surprised with the improvements that have been made to it, the new Widget enable templates are really cool, allowing me to pretty much add anything I want on the blog.
As I contemplated the idea of the blog, I starting thinking back about web services that are in existence today that are more than adequate for a lot of tasks, namely photo galleries, with flickr, google gallery, .mac gallery, webshots, who needs to host their own gallery anymore. I used to enjoy having full control over that, but that eventually just becomes a nightmare really.
So... my new initiative.. is to start working on moving most of my services to the wonderful world of hosted web 2.0.
No worries on your end, if there are any faithful readers of this blog. I will only migrate fully once I have moved the archives to the new location, which, will probably take a little bit of time, as I haven't quite figured out an easy way to move articles from WordPress to BlogSpot yet, mind you, there are a whole lot of articles that do the process reversed (BlogSpot to WordPress) ... does this say something about the two services? I'd like to believe that it doesn't but I will give it a shot anyway. I hope to be able to have a nicer looking page after all, while still providing interesting, education, and fun content.
Stay tuned as i go through this transition, and things will be dandy again soon.

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