Friday, March 21, 2008

PipeBytes - new file uploading service

I was browsing today, and I stumbled upon a new site -- at least to me -- which is very similar to some of the sites that I used to use to upload files to friends, like dropload and YouSendIt
This one is called PipeBytes, and is still in Beta. The best thing I found about it, is that there is no file size limit. All the other services so far, have limits. I saw one today on which had a limit of 5Gb, which had been the biggest I had seen. 
The downside of this site, is that you can upload the file, and have it picked up only once before the file has to be uploaded again. for small files, it's probably not a big problem, but for the bigger files, that is a bit too much waiting. 
The upside, is that if a video is uploaded, and the user is downloading it, they can actually stream it  right from the site while downloading, minimizing the actual download time.
PipeBytes, has a snazzy little interface, perhaps not at first, where the file upload field exists, but once the file is uploaded, a flash interface comes up, and stays in a pending mode .... waiting for the other person to download it. You don't have to wait while the person downloads it, but if  you do, can see a graphical representation of the file being downloaded. Some people are into cool gadget-ty looking stuff like that ... so if that's you .. knock yourself out... or if not, at least you got the no file size limit advantage .. for now... perhaps they may implement a file size limit once they're out of beta... 

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