Thursday, June 19, 2008

LogMeIn Setup Instructions

There are times when I'm working with friends/clients where I need to access their computers to assist them with a particular problem. In order to make the process simpler, I created some step by step instructions on installing the LogMeIn agent on their computer, with some friendly screenshots. The following screenshots apply to Windows XP. Windows Vista instructions will come later

Please follow these steps:

1-Go to Start/Run


2- Type

3- Click on "Run". Optionally, you can click on "Save" and save it to the desktop, in case you need to re-run it later


4- Click Run...

5- Click Next


6- Select "I Agree"


8- Select "Typical" (Default)


9- Leave the computer description as the default.


10- In this area, type in the email address and password that I give you. and make sure you choose "LogMeIn Free"


11- Click "Next"

The installer will start ... let the it finish. during that time, your screen may blink quickly a couple of times. this is normal. don't panic!

12- Click on "Finish"

Once the installer is done, if you look on the bottom right hand of your screen, you will find this the gray icon with 4 blue dots in it (highlighted in red). this is an indication that LogMeIn has been installedLogMeIn14

If you right click on that icon, the below menu will pop up. the second option is: "Disable LogMeIn" . This means LogMeIn is enabled. if LogMeIn is disabled, this option will say "Enable LogMeIn


In some cases:

a- if you don't have a password on your computer (in which case, usually LogMeIn will ask to assign one upon installation, and you wouldn't have to follow the steps below)
b- If you don't want to share your password with me

You will need to create an account for me In order to do so, follow these steps:

1- On your desktop, right click on "My Computer" and choose Manage.


2- The below screen will open up: Expand Local Users and Groups, Right click on "Users", and select "New User..."


3- Fill in the fields exactly as you see them below. The password will be one that you wouldn't mind sharing with me.


4- In the same menu, right click on the "Groups" item, and select "Add to Group ... "


5- In the screen that pops up, type in: LogMeInRemoteUser (just like below). Then click on "Check Names". the name should resolve, and will become underlined. then click on Ok.LogMeIn20

You should see a screen like the one below. then click Ok.


Now you should be ready for me to connect to your computer and help you with any issues that you may have.

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