Monday, March 9, 2009

Texter, it’s a beautiful thing…

Texter is a sweet little utility that allows the text expansion.  There are many other products that do the same thing, though the cool thing about Texter is that it’s absolutely free, it has virtually no foot print and Picture 4works like a charm. ok, almost like a charm. This app has been published by our friends at Lifehacker. you can find some more information about it, and download it from here.

Now to my problem, and to anyone that has seen this, and may have a solution for it, for some reason, every so often, especially when I’m using some Remote Desktop software, i.e: vRD 2009, I get a sweet little error message that looks like this:

Picture 1

Hmm, so perhaps it’s some variable that vRD is setting that is conflicting with the %Bank% variable. I’m not sure. when this error happens, Texter is still alive, though not really functional, I’d have to relaunch it.

So, what’s the solution to that, if any? ideas? thoughts? comments?

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